Piglia compares Rojas with Arlt

Manuel Rojas Foundation. Santiago – Chile, 5th of December 2013

Following the reception by Ricardo Piglia of the 2013 Manuel Rojas Award, the chilean writer Roberto Contreras conducted an interview with Piglia where he compares the proses of Manuel Rojas with the one of prominent Argentine writer Roberto Arlt.

All González Vera

Manuel Rojas Foundation. Santiago – Chile, 1st of November 2013

Just a few weeks ago have been published the Complete Works of González Vera. Adding to the celebration of this major publishing event, the Manuel Rojas Foundation has gathered some testimonials about the inseparable friendship between González Vera and Manuel Rojas.

Ricardo Piglia won the 2013 Manuel Rojas Award

Manuel Rojas Foundation. Valparaíso – Chile, 14th of August 2013

The Argentine writer Ricardo Piglia was chosen as the winner of 2013 Manuel Rojas Award. The award, announced in Valparaiso, was rewarded for the second consecutive year by an international jury.

When Expecting Dreams

SANFIC. Santiago – Chile, 12th of August 2013

During the 2013 Santiago International Film Festival (SANFIC / 9), will be presented the film: “When Expecting Dreams” (Cuando se espera el sueño) by Pablo Vial, starring by Alvaro Rudolphy and based on the Manuel Rojas’ short story: “Pancho Rojas”.

Prose is Never Finished

Universidad Diego Portales. Santiago – Chile, 20th of April 2013

The book “La prosa nunca está terminada “, which has just been published by the Diego Portales University, brings together a selection of texts by Manuel Rojas dealing with literature. These writings show us an attentive and thoughtful author, thinking about his art and other writers, such as Horacio Quiroga, Vicente Huidobro, Gonzalez Vera and Alberto Edwards.

Poems Crossing the Borders

Manuel Rojas Foundation, Santiago – Chile, 19th of January 2013

After a long search, the Manuel Rojas Foundation has come up with the first publication of Manuel Rojas in the Argentinian city of Mendoza, edited 91 years ago. Thanks to LOM Ediciones and the Chilean Literature Annals of the Catholic University of Chile, it was possible to reproduce a similar edition of what is, in fact, the first monographic publication of Manuel Rojas.

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