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In parallel with its prospections into poetry, Manuel Rojas wrote his firsts stories. The second prize won in Buenos Aires with his story “Laguna” (1922) is the beginning of a path that will lead him to be recognized as one of the most important narrators of Chile and Latin America. Among the more than twenty stories written by Rojas, in addition to “Laguna”, stand out the following: “El bonete maulino”, one of the tales told by his mother; The Glass of Milk (“El vaso de leche”), appearing in almost all Hispanic stories anthologies; and “Una carabina y una cotorra” considered by the author and critics as the most accomplished.

Rojas’ stories were collected in various compilations and collections, such as “Hombres del sur”, “El delincuente” or “Travesía”. Many have been made into movies or adapted to the theatre, and most are permanently republished.

hombre_del_sur_1947 El Delincuente Travesía manuelrojaselbonetemaulino80
Hombres del sur El delincuente Travesía El bonete maulino
El Vaso de Leche El Hombre de la Rosa Cuentos del sur y Diario de México Cuentos
The Glass of Milk The Man and The Rose Cuentos del sur y Diario de México Cuentos
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