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“I was born in Buenos Aires – Argentina, in a house located on the 1678 Combate de los Pozos Street. I do not know who, besides my parents… lived there. I have only a date and an address, the former too precise, the latter too uncertain. It’s little, there is nothing else, and I could have known less. After my birth, many years passed without memories… I have only found some images of Santiago and a few travel souvenirs… My parents were slightly nomadic, as I have been.” Extract from “Imágenes de Infancia”, Manuel Rojas, 1955.

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“Nobody ever asked me why I wrote… I was the first to ask myself, and I found, to my surprise, that I did not know the answer… I started reading books and stories at the age of twelve. No one led me to it and I did not have, as other children, somebody to offer me books… On the way between my house and the school was a shop, in its showcase I discovered a book whose cover attracted me: a savage on the run was hit by an arrow, wounded in his back.” Extract from “Algo sobre mi experiencia literaria”, Manuel Rojas, 1960.



Is there something you did twenty years ago and would not repeat today? – Nothing. If I could I would repeat everything, some things twice. What earthly pleasure would you like to continue to enjoy in heaven? – I do not believe in heaven, just in case, a trek through the Andes. If you could be a child again, what is the first thing you would do? – Go to bed and listen to my mother telling me a story. Is there anything for which you would be willing to risk your life? – For freedom.” Extract from Manuel Rojas’ interview: “Un personaje al trasluz” by Lenka Franulic, 1958.

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