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Manuel Rojas Pablo Vial

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“There are writers who make literature without living, locked in the back of their houses, and there are others who enjoy life but never write literature. Manuel Rojas has the perfect balance. Fate brought him to live in the suburbs, in the marginal slums, and from there he rescued the authentic words of his experience. Had no more education than the fourth year of primary school…” Extract from the documentary: “El Show de los Libros” by Antonio Skármeta, 2002.


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“Beaten by life since childhood, he had a strained and mountainous adolescence, between fierce winds, road workers and sharp edges of rocks; then, naturally, he started his intellectual life as a battle leftist; leaving him with a strong human sense, an emotional perception without external emphasis, shaking deep down. Novellas, stories and poems, had distinguished him, placed in front row; when it did arise alone, without parallel, “Born Guilty” (Hijo de Ladrón), strange and magnificent novel of high quality, evocative of masters, with a powerful undercurrent that attracts you.” Extract from: “Historia Personal de la Literatura Chilena” by Hernán Díaz Arrieta (Alone), 1954.



“He is an admired writer, a very important literary personality. Nobody knows how many young men, ladies, gentlemen and girls wanted to meet him, shake his hand, and listen. The more courageous ones approach his office. Why do they not come straightaway, but pass again and again by his door? Maybe they are embarrassed by his expression of strength and sternness, the fame of his silence… And not without melancholy, the more sensitive ones, after looking at him, they move away. Only the brave reach his table resolved to suffer whatever fate. And then they are astonished: the great writer speaks in a low tone, gently…” Extract from: Manuel Rojas by José Santos González Vera, 1959.

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